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Info Timidarte

TIMIDARTE is a douar (village) located halfway between the city of Ouarzazate and the city of Zagora in southern Morocco.
Timidarte is one of the many douars and Ksours that line the Draa Valley.
Leaving Ouarzazate you will arrive in the small town Agdz. Make time to take a look at the sellers of carpets and other handicrafts.

If by chance you arrive on a Thursday, please visit the souq, it is really worth the detour!

Every Tuesday the authentic souq in Tamsmoute should never be missed!

Continuing your route towards Zagora, you’ll be surprised by the numerous douars constructed from local materials including adobe (a mixture of clay and plants).
Located fifteen kilometres south of Agdz, Timidarte is part of these douars and Ksours of the valley.
You'll see it on your left 1km from the main road.

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