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Cultural tips

Relationships with members of the community

The population of douar Timidarte is open and welcoming. Here are some tips to be more easily in harmony with this environment:

  • Respond to greetings (in response to "Salam oulaikoum" one says "alikoum Salam).
  • Make the step of communicating with people encountered in the village.
  • In order to not offend people, it is recommended to adapt to a proper dress code (legs and arms covered)

Do not encourage begging by giving to children

A child who makes a few dirham with the tourists can earn more than his father. By giving money to a child you encourage begging instead of school. And it is also a kind of destruction of the family hierarchy.

  • That child will develop the habit of asking strangers for money.
  • For the child the traveller becomes a sort of “walking purse.”
  • To profit more from tourism, he will probably drop out of school and he will have no future other than as a “false guide.”

When and how to give

Give preference to accredited associations because they know what the people's needs are and know how to distribute the donations. Apart from an association, one can donate to a responsible person in a village.

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