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Internship in tadelakt

To become acquainted with the technique of tadelakt, nothing beats a voyage through Morocco’s history, discovering its traditions, its architecture and, of course, its decorative arts.

Tadelakt is a traditional wall coating, fashioned to decorate the facades of official buildings, but especially used to make pools and hamams (public baths). Tadelakt was chosen for its qualities of impermeability and water resistance in humid areas. It can be applied to floors, walls and ceilings; its aesthetic character, texture, velvety softness and its varied shades make it vivid and very sensual. Touch it and you'll never forget its pleasant smoothness. Lime is the indispensable element for tadelakt.

Examples of work in the Kasbah:

The bathrooms are completely made in tadelakt.

The arches above the terrace.

Materials needed for the production of tadelakt:

  • 1.sifted lime from Marrakech
  • 1.pigments: mud, ochre, oxides
  • 1.baldi soap (black soap made from olive oil), egg yolk.

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