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Permanent members

The permanent members of the executive board are:

  • The president is responsible for coordinating office activities. He manages all business, ensuring the proper functioning of the association (modification of statutes and bylaws, budget changes, authorization of expenditures, execution of all decisions made by the general assembly). He convenes and presides over the general assembly, and exercises general supervision over the activities of the association.
  • The vice-president assists the president and substitutes for him in the case of absence.
  • The treasurer manages the budget and all accounting records.
  • The assistant treasurer assists the treasurer and substitutes for him in the case of absence.
  • The secretary manages the administration of the association.
  • The assistant secretary assists the secretary and substitutes for him in the case of absence.
  • The advisors (four members) assist the members of the executive board, participate in voting and may be delegated certain competencies on the executive level.
  • The tourism committee, the women’s committee and the education committee, working within the framework of the executive board, implement and realize projects selected by the general assembly.
  • The board of directors comprises the executive board members and representatives of each of the three committees. It meets three times a year. Its task is to assist the executive board in the realization of projects selected by the general assembly.

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