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Discovery of the palm grove

Discover the lifestyles of the local inhabitants by strolling through the palm groves and observing the agriculture of the oasis.


rencontre palm

The Draa Valley is composed of a string of six distinct palm groves (oases): Mesguita, Tinsoline, Tarnata, Fasoita, Ktaoua and M'hamid.

In the interior of the Draa oases the palm prevails. The Draa oases comprise approximately 2,000,000 palms.

Several varieties of the palm grow in the Draw Valley, providing a main source of income for the local inhabitants. Almond, apple and apricot trees also grow abundantly. These orchards are highly developed in the region of Agdz.

Cultures grown beneath the palm and fruit trees are composed of grains and vegetables for local consumption. Also alfalfa is widely grown. This is the main forage eaten by non-ranging sheep, of which the race d’man is dominant.

Farmers in the Draa Valley use manure as fertilizer and the use of chemical fertilizers is still fairly limited, which allows local agricultural products to bear the term "organic product".

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