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The main branches of the association are:

  • The general assemblycomprises all members of the association. Its task is to deliberate on all issues relating to the objectives of the association. Its decisions are legally binding for all members, both those present and absent. The general assembly has an annual orderly meeting, during which the members:
    • Approve or reject the annual report of the activities of the executive board
    • Analyze the material status of the association
    • Approve the annual budget
    • Determine the amounts of contributions
    • Approve (possibly) the modification of statutes and bylaws
    • Approve (possibly) the modification of statutes and bylaws
  • The executive board is the branch responsible for managing daily activities of the association and running programs adopted by the general assembly. It is empowered with all necessary prerogatives to insure the functioning of the association as deemed by the general assembly. The executive board comprises seven permanent members and consultants.

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