Kasbah Timidarte – Guest House – Draa Valley – Agdz Morocco


Ecotourism is a form of tourism that includes the following features:

  1. It unites all forms of tourism focused on nature (observation…) and the traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas.
  2. It contains an element of environmental education and interpretation.
  3. It is generally organized for limited groups by small, specialized local ventures.
  4. It promotes the protection of natural areas and ensures the well being of local populations.

These features are put into practice:

  • You can enjoy and observe the palm grove. You also have the opportunity to understand the ecosystem and the rational exploitation of this natural resource, so essential to village life (agriculture, irrigation…).
  • The renovation of the Kasbah has been executed with deep respect for traditional architecture. The essential building materials have been drawn from the natural resources of the palm grove and surrounding mountains. Only douar craftsmen worked on its restoration. More

  • After the mobilization of local activists and other persons sensitive to the preservation of the oases of the Draa Valley, UNESCO has prohibited the commercialization of palms. It is now impossible to buy a palm from the oases of the Draa Valley.

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