History of the restoration of the Kasbah Timidarte

The douar Timidarte is located in the Draa Valley. This valley is known for its imposing dimensions, juxtaposing the rich and fertile palm groves to the turquoise waters of the Draa and the arid mountains of the Anti-Atlas, which border the palm groves.

A historic place of settlement of an ancient Saharan tribe, the old village (the Ksar) is dense and fortified.
As with many places of the world at this time, Timidarte has been exposed to the forces of change. For this reason the residents of the douar are in favour of a globally consistent architectural continuity. In fact, although many people have moved out of the Ksar to relocate to larger homes, traditional building techniques have been preserved.

1. "A progressive association"

The Ksar, having been partially emptied of its population, has suffered the damage of time and one third of it is already poised to fall into ruin. Without a doubt, the Ksar would be inclined to neglect and to suffering the abuses of time, if an active village association called Taskala, uniting the entire population of the douar, had not come to place. An essential goal in any developmental project is improved living conditions. Taskala realizes this through its many and varied activities aimed at ensuring better conditions for the entire community of Timidarte. Among the most significant realized projects are: the improved capacity of the primary school, which now serves all the children from three villages (Timidarte and the villages on either side of Timidarte). The douar is now providing potable water and electricity.

2. "Recovering the past for the future"

Gradually the maturation process is at work; ideas and collective initiatives abound, emerge, and grow. 
The association has embarked on a new project to rehabilitate the Ksar. 
Long considered a place of the "ancient times" and neglected by the youth, the view is changing and reverting again to one of respect for the historical, cultural and architectural heritage, as recognized by the state and by UNESCO.

3. "The starting point of renewal: the Kasbah"

Through the association Taskala, the community of Timidarte has taken the Kasbah as its starting point in the Ksar. Its rehabilitation, centred in solidarity tourism, should serve to financially and psychologically improve other economic and social development initiatives. Indeed, a share of profits fuel the association and its investment fund for community projects. The goal is simple: that the projects improve living conditions for the population and cater to the rehabilitation of the Ksar. Various segments of the community have consulted the association and participated in its projects. The message relayed is always the concern for sustainability.

4. The Kasbah and solidarity tourism

The Kasbah is intended as a friendly meeting place between an authentic and open community and the respectful and inquisitive tourists who visit.