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10.07.2015, 12:02:38
Best place in hole marocco! nice people and the beautiful nature i would totally vistit it once again !! it was great ! 

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07.07.2015, 05:15:22
nicer day 

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Margarethe Herlt 
07.06.2015, 12:24:50
Liebe Bewohner der Kasba Timidarte
Ich bedanke mich besonders fr die berhrenden Momente in eurer Kasbah mit mir.
Ein Jugendlicher fhrt mich mit ganzem Stolz zu dem Feld seiner Familie und bietet mir eine kleine Zuccini zum Essen an.Ich bestehe darauf, dass sie noch wachsen darf.Ich wnsche Ihnen und uns Begegnungen zwischen den verschiedenen Welten,die fruchtbringend sind.Da ich eine Reise nach Marokko im Herbst 2015 organisiere und wir Dattelpalmen pflanzen freue ich mich auf ein Wiedersehen.abenteuerglueck /Margarethe  

Strong recommendation to enjoy the Kasbah
Joost van Oort 
10.04.2015, 13:29:02
I stayed in the Kasbah for several nights. The Kasbah is really restored in a beautiful, autentic way, the sphere there is extraordinary. The food and other facilities, served by Kltoum and Abdoe, are special. The organisation is practising 'tourisme responsable' by paying serieus attention to the environment / durability and with respect for nature and culture. And there is a very positive engagement to the local community.They really are working together and supporting each other.
For all that I like to recommend Kasbah Timidarte strongly and wish this project all the best for the future. 

09.04.2015, 14:40:00

Angela Mariam 
03.04.2013, 23:13:04
Unbedingt mchte ich Euch das Draa-Tal weiterempfehlen.
Diese Landschaften, das Licht, die Lehmhuser, die klare Luft, die authentische Freundlichkeit und der harmonische Stil - es ist unbeschreiblich schn.
Ich denke oft an die wunderbare Woche und werde wiederkommen,in sha Allah.
Besonders Hussein wnsche ich viel Erfolg und alles Gute mit diesem besonders wertvollen Projekt.
Dank und liebe Gre an Alle, die ich kennenlernen konnte.

30.12.2012, 13:06:35
Hello Your Website Very Nice!! 

What happiness!
Delphine Lebeau 
01.05.2010, 16:19:24
A tip if you visit Morocco: make a stop in Timidarte!
We, Xavier, Alan and I, were lucky enough to stay for two nights during spring vacation and have nothing but praise for you. The location is both beautiful and authentic, the cuisine delicious, the other travellers most sympathetic (we share the same concern and respect for places and local peoples, far from familiar tourism channels or luxury) and, in addition to everything else, our host Abdou was irreproachable: nice, smiling, attentive, discreet ... and all other positive attributes that might come to mind. A marvellous memory will remain etched in our minds until our next visit.
Thank you to everyone, therefore, for these beautiful moments

A wonderful stay
helene et philippe 
01.05.2010, 16:07:08
This original and generous project of ecotourism in the Draa Valley allowed us to share in the lives of the people of Timidarte for a few days. The palm grove is magnificent and the Kasbah is very well restored. Hussein, Abdou and Kaltsoum do everything to make your stay pleasant. The breakfasts and tagines, prepared by Kaltsoum, are delicious and plentiful. We will certainly return during a future trip to Morocco!! 

Unforgettable impressions
Maxa-Mariam Becher 
29.12.2009, 22:55:13
The concept of ecotourism in Timidarte is on the right track!
Each time I visited this village in the Draa Valley, I could see how the Kasbah - initially in ruins – had become a very nice and pleasant place, organizing very inviting activities and excursions.
Abdou is a wonderful cook, who pampers the guests of Kasbah Timidarte with Moroccan specialties, and Nasca is very helpful and always available. Elvi and I met women from the school, with whom we made and ate couscous. Some of them welcomed us into their homes, which gave us the opportunity to get acquainted with their lives and the Moroccan culture.
It was one week only! It’s just a shame that I don’t speak Taschelhit. I hope this project will continue to be successful.
Thank you to everyone I know and those who know me and especially to Hussein, who gave me a better understanding of the project and this rich culture.

Thank you
27.11.2009, 11:27:19
Hello, Two months ago now we had the pleasure of spending two lovely days at the Kasbah Timidarte. I just would like to say thank you again not only for your warm welcome but also for all your engagement for the residents of Timidarte and the surrounding villages. We well remember Abdou, who opened the gates of the Kasbah and showed us the Ksar and the beautiful palm grove and offered us a delicious tagine with quince. Once again, a big thank you. You've helped make a wonderful trip.
Best regards,

Beautiful Kasbah and charmed guests
25.04.2009, 18:22:45
I recently discovered the Kasbah Timidarte and it is very well restored! You are served delicious food there. The Kasbah relies on well water, and, with the oasis at its feet, it is magical! Congratulations and thank you, Hussein, Abd and Nacera. See you soon!I recently discovered the Kasbah Timidarte and it is very well restored! You are served delicious food there. The Kasbah relies on well water, and, with the oasis at its feet, it is magical! Congratulations and thank you, Hussein, Abd and Nacera. See you soon!

I am coming down with the Moroccan virus
BOULIN Chantal 
08.03.2009, 22:53:45
My stay at Timidarte, Agdz and Rabat in February 2009 has been a revelation: I am coming down with the Draa virus, a strain of mutant Moroccan viruses!
The symptoms of this disease are very characteristic: I dream of palms and mud houses every night. I invite my friends to eat improvised tagines I concoct upon returning from an "Arab" market in my city. I greet Moroccans by “sbah el kher,” “la bess” and “beslama,” which astonishes them very much. My friends know everything about tadelakt, the usage of cellular phones in the palm groves, and tying knot points from a weaving workshop. And my fatalistic boss knows that he will grant me leave to return again to the Draa Valley.
Choukram besef Hussein, Habdou, Nacera, Hamid, Mhajoub and others who have opened a new way of living to me. 

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26.02.2006, 18:57:11
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